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Welcome to Hymsy(Hengmingxing Lighting)

         Hymsy Group- is a comprehensive enterprise of intelligent travel industry integrating wisdom city planning and integration, urban digital culture planning and implementation, intelligent sound and light system integration, environmental digital audio-visual integration, and research and development of services and services. Hong Kong Hengxing Industrial Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Hengxing Lighting Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Hengxing International Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd., is now the National Cultural Industry Demonstration Base, National High-tech Enterprise, International BRIC Summit Key Service Provider, International SCO Summit Service providers, national one-on-one strategic servic......


 SCO Qingdao Summit Lighting Construction Contribution Award

? ? SCO Qingdao Summit Lighting Construction Contribution Award

 Aladdin's Lamp Award - Xiamen Wuyuanwan

? ? Aladdin's Lamp Award - Xiamen Wuyuanwan

 Golden Finger Award

? ? Golden Finger Award

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Leading audiovisual culture

Leading audiovisual culture

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Efficient management team


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Innovative technology development